Early Sports Specialization

12 Oct Early Sports Specialization – Part 1

The “why” behind my writing of this blog comes from both a medical perspective and a personal one. As specialists in Spine and Sports Medicine, the doctors in my practice are seeing an alarming number of overuse injuries in our young patients who participate in...

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Turmeric Is it the Wonder Drug for Arthritis?

14 Sep Turmeric… Is it the Wonder Drug for Arthritis?

Last month I discussed that NSAIDs substantially increase the risk of myocardial infarction with immediate use. Given that NSAIDs are also known to have harmful effects on the gastrointestinal system (think bleeding and ulcers), there is a strong impetus to identify other treatment options that...

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Mesa, desert spine,

31 Aug New Expansion in Mesa

We at Desert Spine and Sports Physicians are pleased to announce our new and expanded location in Mesa, Arizona.  We are passionate about providing world-class patient care, and at the moment we are very excited about this new office in Mesa.  We are dedicated to...

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Are NSAIDS Safe?

31 Jul Are NSAIDS Safe?

Most doctors and patients remember the story about Vioxx (Rofecoxib). This NSAID was approved by the FDA in 1999 and was expected to be superior to all other NSAIDS due to fewer problems in the GI system (think less ulcers), but five years after its...

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Is Yoga Good for my Low Back Pain

27 Jun Doctor… Is Yoga Good for my Low Back Pain?

Is Yoga Good for my Low Back Pain? Nearly every day, a patient asks me whether yoga would be a good idea to help manage their low back pain.  And the resounding answer is yes!  The practice of yoga encompasses physical and mental aspects with practitioners...

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